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Uber Accident FAQ

Uber is a common convenience for many Floridians and around the globe. According to information provided by the company, Uber has about 75 million riders and 3 million drivers in 65 countries and 600 cities worldwide. About 15 million Uber rides are completed each day. Unfortunately, Uber drivers are not immune to accidents on the…

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Pedestrian Hit by an Uber Driver?

Florida is the most dangerous state in the country for pedestrians, according to a January 2019 report on detailing a new study from Smart Growth America. The study looked at National Highway Traffic Safety data showing that nearly 50,000 people had been killed while walking in the state between the years of 2008 and…

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Claims Against Progressive Car Insurance

Progressive Insurance provides insurance to Uber drivers in Florida. If you suffer injuries in an accident while in an Uber vehicle, or if you suffer injuries when a vehicle driven by an Uber driver strikes your car, then chances are you may have to deal with Progressive to get compensation for your injuries and your…

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Deciding to Call an Attorney After a Ridesharing Accident

No one wants to suffer serious injuries in a ridesharing accident, but unfortunately, accidents happen whether we like it or not. After an accident occurs, victims often have questions about getting legal advice. Do they need an attorney? What can an attorney do that the victims can’t just do themselves? How much will an attorney…

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Wrongful Death Claims After Fatal Ridesharing Accidents

If someone you loved has died as a result of a ridesharing accident, you may be feeling overwhelmed. Compounding the emotional difficulty of grieving, you may have the added burden of financial stress: medical bills, funeral and burial expenses, lost income, and others costs. While no amount of money can ease the pain that comes…

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The Most Dangerous Intersections in South Florida

While every driver has navigated through countless intersections, most drivers rarely consider the unique hazard that intersections pose. In fact, intersections are the most common location for accidents. The necessary crossing of vehicles, in opposing and perpendicular traffic patterns, means accidents can happen any time a driver makes even the smallest of mistakes, such as…

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Living With a Serious Ridesharing Injury

uber accident lawyer in florida

Life after a serious injury changes forever—and it can be especially frustrating if you were injured through no fault of your own. One minute, you were riding down the road in an Uber or Lyft vehicle. Maybe you were even pleased with yourself for making the safe decision: opting for a ridesharing vehicle instead of…

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Drunk Drivers on the Job

uber accident lawyer in Florida

Drunk drivers are incredibly dangerous. They’re less able to control their vehicles and more likely to end up in dangerous situations on the road. In fact, almost a third of deaths caused by driving accidents involve drunk drivers. Worse than drunk drivers who are simply trying to get home after a party or a night…

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Help! I Was in an Uber/Lyft Accident and the Airbags Didn’t Deploy

Rideshare options like Uber and Lyft are incredibly popular for easy transportation in our app-driven world. Why wait for a cab when a smartphone can give almost instant access to a personal chauffeur? Rideshare apps efficiently connect passengers and drivers, and give consumers almost endless mobility options, from making a quick local trip to getting…

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Is a Rideshare Driver Using GPS on a Phone Distracted Driving?

The last thing a passenger wants when they get into a car is to see distracted driving by the person in control of the vehicle—and that’s a huge problem in Florida, which among U.S. states ranks second only to Louisiana for distracted driving—more than five distracted driving crashes take place every hour in Florida, almost…

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