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Dangerous Uber Driving in Miami, FL

A friend of mine was taking an Uber from Aventura to Miami Beach for a networking event. My friend immediately noticed two screens. One was the Uber driver’s smartphone providing directions…not a huge problem there. Although, ideally, you would prefer to see the smartphone placed higher inside a ridesharing vehicle and closer to the Uber driver’s eye-line (so the Uber driver would not have to look downward and to the right as much to check on directions, and thus not have his eyes off the road for any longer than necessary).

Uber Distracted Driving Causes Car Accidents

Significantly more concerning was the larger iPad or tablet screen placed above the smartphone that was playing ESPN clips!The Uber driver told my buddy that he was trying to give his passengers an enhanced ridesharing experience and that he wasn’t looking at the screen. Let’s give the ridesharing driver the benefit of the doubt – and that very well may have been his intention. But if Dragic or Whiteside or some other player on the Miami Heat (I assume they were watching the Heat game) made an unbelievable play are we confident the Uber driver would not have stolen a glance? Multiple glances?These are the types of activities that can make it more likely to be injured in an Uber car accident, requiring the help of a rideshare injury attorney.I have taken many Ubers (and a few Lyfts) over the past few years and on multiple ride-sharing occasions, I have seen plenty of Uber drivers refuse to utilize the smartphone holster provided to all approved Lyft and Uber drivers. The holster allows the iPhone to be placed near eye level (usually in front of or just above an air-conditioner vent) so that the Uber driver’s eyes have a shorter distance to travel off the road to see where they are going.Rather than affixing the smartphone stand properly, plenty of ridesharing drivers elect to place their phone in the center-console cup holder. This requires the Uber driver to take their eyes off the road for longer than necessary and tilt their head downwards to see what activity might require their attention on the phone.Another article I have written details the myriad of ways Uber and Lyft communicates with their drivers that might lead them to be distracted drivers and more likely to get into a Uber car accident causing injuries – or even simply less able to avoid an Uber car accident injury.

Call an Experienced Miami, Florida Uber Injury Lawyer

Anyone who is injured in an Uber, Lyft or any ridesharing service, should call an uber car accident lawyer immediately to protect their rights and get the medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering compensation they deserve from that Uber-related injury.