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Drunk Uber Passengers Cause Car Accidents

Do Drunk Uber Passengers Cause Uber Accident Claims?

We do not yet have an uber lawsuit or uber claim that involves a drunk passenger causing an Uber car accident (all of our Lyft Miami and Uber claims involve negligent or reckless driving, either on the part of the ridesharing service driver or another third-party driver who caused the car accident). But I believe it is only a matter of time. Certainly, one of the Uber’s biggest draws is that they really should make drunk driving passe. Why risk going to jail or causing a car accident and injuring someone when the Uber, and its ridesharing competitor, Lyft Miami are so easy to access.But a simple web search finds a significant number of articles that involve giving advice to uber and lyft drivers on what to do if they pick up drunk passengers (see uber claims attorney section below).Some advice includes: buy barf bags, drive during the day, stop driving at midnight. But there is a high demand for uber and lyft drivers at bar closing time and drunk (or high) drivers increase the likelihood of an unsafe rideshare experience. A simple non-violent example is especially prevalent in college town.Popular college towns in Florida include: Coral Gables (University of Miami); Miami (FIU); Ft. Lauderdale (Nova University); Tallahassee (Florida State University); and Gainesville (University of Florida), among others.What college-aged adults like to do, especially when coming home from a bar, drunk, is try to squeeze in more uber passengers than can actually fit in the car (i.e. more people than seat belts, usually putting smaller individuals on another’s lap). In this situation, even a minor lyft or uber car accident can cause serious injuries.The next level or risk involves a drunk or high Lyft / Uber passenger grabbing items in the rideshare driver’s car to play with or just to be “funny.” Then, these same people might begin to vomit.Finally, drunk or high uber passengers might become violent. You may remember reading about the drunk uber passenger in miami that attacked her uber driver. The passenger in question was a doctor with Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, Florida.But all of the above can create a dangerous situation for any well-intentioned Lyft or Uber driver.With all the resources available to Uber and Lyft driver regarding what to do when their ridesharing passenger is too drunk or high, it seems to be an increasingly-common issue. The more common this becomes the more likely we will see car accidents as a result.Certainly, plenty of tourists and business travelers come to cities such as Miami, Hollywood, and Ft. Lauderdale with the intention of imbibing drugs or liquor. Another article discusses how the influx of South Florida tourists and business travelers can result in Uber car accidents and lead to dangerous Uber driving.If you are an uber or lyft driver and a passenger has attacked you causing an accident, you may be entitled to uber lawsuit representation or at least file an uber claim with an experienced uber car accident attorney. Same goes for other passenger in an uberpool injured as a result of a fellow passenger's actions. Same goes for those injured in another non-uber and non-lyft vehicle as a result of a drunk lyft or uber passenger's actions.Call the uber car accident lawyers to discuss your options.Uber Claims Attorney Resources re: How to Deal with Drunk Uber Passengers