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Injured by Uber and Lyft Miami - Tourists and Business Travelers

In Uber and Lyft Miami news: South Florida Business Journal ran an article indicating that business travelers in Miami almost exclusively use the Uber ridesharing app. Interestingly, the same article, which used a business-expense tracking software app as the source of data, found that in Miami, Lyft is used less frequently than taxis.

Uber and Lyft Miami Increasingly Utilized by Tourists and Those in Miami for Business


Miami does a great job attracting tourists and business conferences. Tourists come to Miami to vacation from over the United States to visit our beaches, nightlife and emerging arts districts. Small and large business and trade associations want to network and educate their employees and members in a tropical warm climate. Uber and Lyft Miami knows this and they have spent considerable resources signing up as many Uber Miami and Lyft Miami drivers as possible.So now when a tourist or business traveler arrives in South Florida, more and more are foregoing renting cars and relying on taxis. Ride-sharing services are increasing in popularity. I for one, love them. I use Uber and Lyft almost exclusively. The only time I use a taxi is when airports regulate ride-sharing services and force them to congregate offsite rather than being allowed into the arrivals section of the airport. But then, after that initial taxi ride, I am 100% using my smart phone to call an Uber or Lyft. The convenience just can't be beat.

Uber Plans to Specifically Target Tourists

Uber is currently experimenting with UberTOURISTER, a service currently not available in the United States. The feature on the app allows tourists to obtain tours of new cities on demand by utilizing the uber app. One could easily see Uber expanding this product into the United States and in South Florida so visitors (both tourists and businessmen and woman with time to kill) could get a tour of popular local destinations.UberPASSPORT on the other hand links international sister cities (such as Tijuana and San Diego), from Uber.com:

Today, we’re excited to go global in a whole new way with UberPASSPORT. Riders can now use the Uber platform to arrange one seamless trip from San Diego to Tijuana. Whether it’s a business trip or a beach getaway, Uber can help make your journey... safe and hassle-free.

Uber, without a doubt, wants the business traveler and vacation traveler market.

Tourists & Business Visitors Injured by or in Uber or Lyft Miami

Where there are tourists there will be sightseeing, there will be nightlife, there will be alcohol (especially in Miami). As a Miami native, I can attest that many of our drivers in South Florida are terrible. Uber and Lyft do very little to screen the car accident record of their drivers and, in fact, encourage their drivers to work long hours - thus increasing the risk of being in an accident. But your lyft or uber driver can certainly be well rested and driving perfectly safe - with nothing to do should another driver, perhaps texting and driving fail to pay attention and negligently cause a rear end car accident into your uber or lyft ride.


Another population I am concerned about are the Lyft and Uber drivers themselves. Another article discusses how drunk lyft and uber passengers cause auto accidents. Certainly, plenty of tourists and businessmen call an uber after becoming intoxicated. If an intoxicated or high lyft or uber passenger causes their driver to lose control, this can result in injuries to the driver, the passenger and other cars / pedestrians.For tourists or business people injured by/in an Uber or Lyft in Miami, they may not know their rights. Lyft and Uber drivers who are injured may not know their rights either. For this reason it is essential to speak to an experienced Uber accident claims attorney - a law firm with Uber lawsuit experience. Call (786) 220-5588 to speak with your uber car accident lawyer 24/7.Should your vacation or trip to Miami result in a car accident involving Uber or Lyft, our Lyft and Uber accident attorneys are very highly rated and here to help you get the treatment you need and the medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering compensation you deserve.Uber and Lyft Miami Claims Attorney Resources