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Lyft Miami Looking to Expand

The Miami Herald recently ran a story (link in resources section below) on how Lyft Miami is trying to gain more customers in South Florida by making themselves more appealing than their chief ridesharing-service competitor, Uber.Lyft is trying to capitalize on the wave of bad PR Uber has received (from Uber sexual harassment claims, claims that Uber has purposefully violated municipal laws, the apparent arrogance of the Uber CEO chewing out one of his own drivers, etc…) resulting in the #deleteUber movement.Miami, Hollywood, Ft. Lauderdale are among Lyfts fastest-growing markets in Florida and nationwide!There are reportedly tens of thousands of Lyft drivers throughout the State of Florida. A Lyft representative has reported that Lyft ride-share users have but nearly $50 Million dollars into the hands of Lyft Miami drivers alone (not even counting Lyft drivers in Hallandale, Hollywood, Ft. Lauderdale and the rest of South Florida). Unsurprisingly, Miami is Lyft’s largest market in Florida.Lyft Amps are being used in South Florida. This allows Lyft rideshare users to change the color of a bulb that appears on a Lyft driver’s dashboard, making it easier for the Lyft rider to find the specific vehicle that they beckoned. Lyft Line is the carpool system to compete with UberPool. Lyft is also reportedly trying to develop a line of self-driving cars.Similar to Uber, Lyft is partnering with rental car companies to roll out programs that will allow those who want to drive for Lyft (but not put the wear and tear on their own vehicles) use a rental car. Lyft will incentivize their drivers to drive more, which will result in lower car-rental fees. I’ve written another article that details the dangerous Uber incentives that may result in Uber drivers to drive for longer periods that could result in car accidents.Lyft (as well as Uber) have hired behavioral economists and psychologists to keep their drivers on the road as long as possible. I have argued that this will (and probably already has) result in more Uber car accidents and Lyft accident injuries.Lyft Miami Car Accident Attorney Resourceshttps://www.miamiherald.com/news/business/article149909567.html