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When to Submit a Report on the Uber Accident Form

Uber has been around for several years now. The company has rideshare drivers in many states, and has even expanded services to include other countries. Because it tends to be easier to use, many people opt for an Uber rideshare instead of a regular taxi cab. If you hire Uber rideshares regularly, make sure you know when to submit a report on the Uber accident form.Uber rideshares are not exempt from accidents. They are prone to accidents just like any other vehicle. It doesn’t have to be the fault of the Uber driver, either. Many other drivers on the road may cause accidents.If you use Uber rideshares to get around, stay on your guard and acquaint yourself with the procedure that follows an Uber accident.

Should Uber Rideshare Passengers Fill out the Uber Accident Form?

We hope you’re never in any accidents, but if you’re in an Uber car accident, make sure you report it to the company.If you are a passenger in the Uber rideshare, one of the easiest ways to do this is by reporting the accident when the Uber app asks you to rate your ride. If you prefer not to wait for this option to appear in the Uber app, you can go ahead and call Uber. You can also use the help setting in your app or visit Uber’s website.Passengers are not required to fill out the Uber Accident Form. You can just use the help setting on your Uber app to make the report. Once you alert Uber of the accident, the company will contact you. Expect to hear from Uber’s insurance company as well, because investigations tend to follow all accident reports.Uber provides excellent insurance coverage for its passengers. In many instances, however, Uber or its insurance company may argue that they are not liable, and deny you the compensation that you deserve. You may need an experienced rideshare lawyer to handle the case for you.

Is the Uber Accident Form for Non-Passengers?

You do not have to ride in an Uber rideshare to suffer an accident. You could travel in another vehicle or own the vehicle that collided with the Uber rideshare.If either of these two scenarios describes your case, you need to submit a report on the Uber accident form on the Uber website. When you submit the form, Uber will use the information that you provide to determine the next step. Typically, Uber staff and then their insurance company will contact you.Even if the Uber driver was at fault, Uber may argue that it is not liable for the accident. When you submit the form, all you are doing is acknowledging that the accident took place and giving Uber information to assist in the investigations.Uber tends to pass on the information to the relevant insurance company. This does not guarantee that you will receive any form of compensation via that insurance company. It just means that an investigation into the matter may take place.If you were in an accident with an Uber rideshare and you were a pedestrian or a cyclist, you should also submit a report on the Uber accident form. Even though you may not receive compensation because you fill out this form, it may certainly help you to build a case against the company.Do not wait for an extended period before filling out the Uber accident form. Do it as quickly as you can after your accident. Remember, the information may have to pass through several hands before you get a response.

What if the Response to the Uber Accident Form Isn’t Satisfactory?

You can receive compensation through Uber’s insurance. In fact, the company offers a large amount of coverage—$1 million. However, in some cases, you may desire more compensation than Uber offered, or you may think that you deserve compensation when the company denies it to you. In either case, the best way to proceed is to hire an experienced lawyer. As a matter of fact, from the moment you get into an accident with an Uber driver, seek legal help.We have an experienced team of lawyers here at Neufeld, Kleinberg & Pinkiert, PA. If an Uber rideshare injured you in an accident, contact us online or call (305) 964-8806, and an attorney will get back to you as soon as possible.