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Uber and Self-Driving Cars in Florida

In April 2016, Florida governor Rick Scott signed Bill 7027 into law thereby making Florida the first state to make fully-self-driving cars legal. Florida Statute 316.003(2) says car autonomous technology allowing a vehicle to drive without the active control or monitoring of a person are allowed on Florida public roads.Later that same year, California banned Uber from operating self-driving cars, Florida legislators began to call upon Uber to continue researching Uber autonomous cars in Florida - specifically on the Tampa Hillsborough Expressway Authority (THEA). In 2014, the THEA was approved by the US Department of Transportation pilot program to test among other things, self-driving and autonomous cars, which Uber could utilize for its growing fleet of self-driving cars. The THEA program is in conjunction with the University of South Florida’s Center for Urban Transportation Research Automated Vehicle Institutewhich could be utilized by ridesharing technology giants Uber and Lyft.Uber does not seem deterred by Google’s patent-infringement lawsuits claiming that Uber stole google self-driving car patent technology to the Miami Herald.A United States Department of Transportation study found that over 35,000 people died on US roads in 2015 and that up to 94% of car accidents are attributable, at least in part, to human error. So if Florida is on the forefront of testing and sharing Florida roads with autonomous cars - whether they be Uber vehicles, Lyft vehicles or google vehicles, at least in theory by taking the human element out of the equation, Florida drivers and passengers could become safer. Already, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety study has found that cars equipped with auto braking functionality result in fewer rear end car accidents. Who wouldn’t want their uber driver or lyft driver to have as much safety equipment on board to help prevent Uber car accidents or Lyft car accidents?

New Uber Silver Program to Feature Elderly Uber Drivers

Uber car accidents are sometimes caused by uber drivers around town driving at excessive speeds in order to earn more fares and meet uber bonus goals. This driving behavior can only lead to more uber car accidents and lyft injuries. As a result, more and more people are complaining about uber and lyft drivers reckless driving behaviors.Uber has announced that it is developing a new pilot program in Miami, dubbed “Uber Silver” where it will feature drivers aged 65 years old and over who have a safe driving record and regularly drive below the speed limit.This all sounds good in theory and I hope that uber continues to lead the way in making driving a safer experience, with fewer injuries for Floridians and Americans as whole. However, how comfortable people feel with self-driving cars remains to be seen. Technology will always malfunction. Software will fail to be updated, and uber car accident injuries and Lyft car accident injuries will likely encompass a larger portion of total car accident injuries before they diminish. Until then, your uber car accident attorneys are here to help. Drive safely.Additional Uber Car Injury Attorney Resources:https://www.cutr.usf.edu/2015/10/cutr-webcast-impacts-of-tnc-and-autonomous-vehicles/https://ubercaraccidentlaw.com/new-florida-regulations-impact-lyft-uber/