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How Uber Personal Injury Coverage Works

What if you find a great deal through Uber, but an accident injuries you while traveling as a passenger? On the other hand, what if you are a driver or a pedestrian and get into an accident with an Uber driver? Read more to learn about your Uber personal injury protections in both scenarios.The rideshare industry has exploded during the past few years, and companies like Uber have adapted their insurance policies to keep up with the demand for more than two-million rides per day. As Uber drivers get into accidents more frequently, more people like you want to know about changes in the industry. You want to know your rights and coverages if an accident takes place.

An Overview of Uber Personal Injury Coverage

As time has progressed, Uber has added new coverage policies to protect its drivers. Here’s a quick look at how Uber’s coverage works.Uber has different tiers of coverage, depending on the Uber driver’s work status. When an Uber driver is logged in and waiting for a call, the driver is protected under Period 1 coverage, which starts at $50,000. Period 2 coverage is for when the driver is on the way to pick up a passenger. The maximum coverage during this period is $100,000. Period 3 coverage is for when a passenger is inside the vehicle, and that liability coverage tops out at $1 million.Let’s say you are an injured passenger in a vehicle with an Uber driver. The Uber driver is covered by as much as $1 million in personal liability injury. As described above, Uber provides maximum coverage when passengers are in the vehicle. The Period 3 coverage would apply in this passenger scenario—but consider the following elements.If a serious accident takes place and injuries and damages exceed $1 million, you may file a claim against the driver’s personal insurance. The bad news is that more than 70 percent of Uber drivers rarely carry personal insurance, which puts you at risk in a major accident. Also, you may only file a claim against the driver’s insurance under certain circumstances and in certain states. Keep this in mind when you book a ride. Major accidents are rare, but you need to know the facts.Since so few Uber drivers carry their own insurance policies, Uber is testing new solutions. Passengers in eight states have the option to pay an extra five cents per mile to cover the Uber personal injury insurance. Drivers share the costs at the rate of 3.75 cents per mile.This pilot program intends to provide better protection for both passengers and drivers. This option is in place in Arizona, Delaware, Illinois, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and West Virginia. The coverage will pay out as much as $1 million in medical expenses and as much as $150,000 in benefits to survivors.If you are injured as a passenger and want to file an Uber personal injury claim, contact a car accident attorney to discuss your rights and determine your eligibility for compensation.In the second scenario, you are driving or walking and suddenly get into an accident with an Uber driver. The same three coverage tiers still apply. The coverage depends on what the driver was doing at the time of the accident. If the driver was on duty but not carrying a passenger or en route to pick one up, the coverage is lowest. If a passenger was present, the coverage is highest. You’ll need to make a note about the driver’s status to estimate the coverage amount and file an accurate claim.Filing a claim for Uber personal injury coverage is much like filing a claim in any other liability accident. The driver’s coverage through Uber, combined with personal insurance (if applicable), should cover most minor damages and injuries. For severe damage or injuries, you can refer to the coverage tiers above to know what to expect.In either scenario, filing an Uber personal injury claim can cause stress and consume time. A car accident attorney is equipped to handle cases like yours with compassion and professionalism.Contact the offices of Neufeld, Kleinberg & Pinkiert, PA, at (305) 964-8806 or through our online form to learn more about your protections in an accident when an Uber driver is at fault. Whether you’re a passenger, driver, or pedestrian, we can help you find a solution, and we will work to put your mind at ease.