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What to Expect From an Uber Accident Settlement

Since Uber was made available to the public in 2009, it has become quite popular across the United States and in many countries around the world. In fact, it is now one of the popular ways to get around a city.If you among those people who benefit from Uber’s services, you may think the company is heaven-sent. And it probably is, for many reasons. But many people would disagree with you.Since its conception, Uber has faced many lawsuits. But why would anyone want to sue Uber? Well, for several reasons.A primary reason: Uber does not impose strict regulations on their drivers. As a result, Uber drivers have confronted many accusations of wrong-doing.If you were involved in an Uber accident, would you know what to do or expect?

What Is an Example of an Uber Accident Settlement?

Here are several real cases in which someone sued Uber. Some cases have resolved via settlement, and others remain pending.

  • This first case we will look at involves an accident in San Francisco with an Uber driver. In 2013, three family members, including a small girl named Sofia Liu, were walking on a crosswalk. While they were walking together, a vehicle entered that same area, and they were all hit. Unfortunately, Sofia did not survive the incident. So how did Uber get involved? Well, the driver had just activated his Uber app, so he could begin to work as an Uber driver. As a result, a judge ruled that Uber should face liability for his actions. Shortly after that ruling, Uber settled the case. The details of this Uber accident settlement, however, remain confidential.
  • Another lawsuit involving Uber has to do with an incident that took place in November 2015. This car accident involved a woman named Sarah Milburn whom an Uber taxi driver in Dallas, Texas, picked up. On the way to her destination, her driver failed to heed a red light and collided with a truck while going through the intersection. The accident seriously injured Sarah—her long-term injuries have left Sarah in a wheelchair. Of course, her family filed a lawsuit against Uber. As of this writing, this case remains in the court system. However, Sarah’s lawsuit alleges that the Uber driver did not have a clean criminal record, and his vehicle was not insured at the time of the accident.
  • The final case we will look at took place in December 2015. It involves a married couple—Jean Day and Dr. Richard Day—who visited Florida for an event. They were riding in an Uber taxi when their driver crashed into another vehicle. Thankfully, no one died in the accident. The impact, however, broke Dr. Day’s leg. Jean suffered serious injuries from the impact and has since needed several surgeries. She may never return to the nursing field after she completes her series of surgeries. The Uber driver allegedly turned into a lane of traffic, causing the accident. He was even issued a traffic ticket because he did not yield to oncoming traffic. Dr. Day has since filed a lawsuit against Uber that remains pending in the courts.

In all of these instances, legal complaints allege the clear fault of the Uber drivers. As the employer, Uber still faces liabilities for two of the cases based on the arguments made by the victims’ lawyers. Although courts have not ruled on them, those plaintiffs may receive an Uber accident settlement.Passengers of many other Uber rideshares have filed lawsuits. As a potential passenger of an Uber rideshare, make sure that you know how to handle an Uber accident.If an Uber accident injured you or a family member, make sure you hire an experienced team of lawyers. Our law firm has experience handling some of the most complex lawsuits, and we have won compensation for our clients in many cases.Call (305) 964-8806 and speak to a member of Neufeld, Kleinberg & Pinkiert, PA, or write us through our online form, so we can advise you based on your situation. The law may entitle you to an Uber accident settlement, too.