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Uber has been under the spotlight recently causing #deleteuber to be a trending topic on social media. Uber CEO Travis Kalanick has been accused of fostering a racist and sexist office culture, utilizing questionable business tactics to undermine its competitors and was recently caught on camera losing his temper after berating an uber driver for complaining about how uber compensates its drivers.

Uber started in 2009 and, now, Uber seems to be everywhere. Uber is now the 6th largest internet company in the world. Uber operates in 74 countries and in 2016, Uber grossed over 20 Billion in revenue. In the United States, there are over 600,000 uber drivers on the road. Uber drivers, in most major cities, surpassing the number of taxi drivers from all taxi and cab companies combined.

The success of Uber has drawn competition – Lyft being their largest competitor. But, comparing Uber to Lyft, is kind of like comparing Google to Yahoo search engines. Their both in the same business, but one far surpasses the other in popularity. But the #deleteuber campaign has resulted in some folks looking for ridesharing alternatives. 

But let’s examine Uber’s South Florida competition in more detail:

Rideshare Alternatives to Uber in South Florida


Lyft is perhaps the most siimilar to Uber. Lyft also offers a carpool/UberPool type option called Lyft Line and you can pay a premium for larger cars with their Lyft Plus option.


Curb connects riders with licensed taxi drivers and you can schedule a Curb driver up to 24 hours in advance. For example, in Miami, FL, Curb partners with Super Yellow Cab, Central Cab Company and Tropical Taxi. In Florida, Curb is currently available as Curb – Boca Raton, Curb – Jupiter, FL, Curb Jacksonville, FL and Curb – Miami.

I should note the obvious – hailing a taxi remains an alternative to Uber. Curb seems to be their way of making a taxicab service available through a smartphone app.


Wingz is a lesser-known rival of Uber and Lyft in Miami. Wingz focuses on airport rides that are booked in advance for fixed prices (i.e. not subject to surge pricing as is Uber and Lyft). Wingz encourages their drivers to build relationships with their customers to obtain repeat bookings.

Zip Car

Zipcar calls itself a car-sharing service (as opposed to ride-sharing). This is because ZipCar is really an alternative to renting a car since you pay by the hour or by the day to get access to a car that participates in the zipcar program.  

Post Mates 

Post Mates isn’t a rideshare service, per se, but a delivery service that competes with UberEATS.

Drive Society

Drive Society is not quite ready for prime-time, but they plan to be operational soon. They boast that they are going to be 100% owned by its drivers and provide its drivers with roadside assistance, vehicle maintenance, delivery services, and the ability to earn more money with advertising opportunities (not sure if this is in the vehicle or billboard style they way taxicabs currently advertise).

While our website is titled “,” that is only because Uber is, by far, the largest and most prevalent ride-sharing game in town (i.e. the world). So, if we refer to ourselves as uber car accident attorneys, we should really clarify that we are, in fact, “rideshare car accident attorneys.” If any ridesharing experience (whether it involves an Uber car accident, Lyft car accident, Curb collision or Wingz auto collision — results in injuries, our law firm is here to help.

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