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The suggestion that your Lyft driver is on drugs probably sounds like a nightmare or the preface to a joke, but it’s not far out of the realm of possibility. While ride-sharing services like Lyft and Uber continue to offer employment for many contractors in the “gig economy” while providing affordable alternative transportation, it’s far from a perfect system. Vetting suitable drivers continues to raise problems.

Many people use Lyft and other ridesharing services so they can socialize and get home safely from places like the Design District, Miami Beach, and South Beach, without worrying about drinking and driving. If their Lyft driver is under the influence—maybe taking uppers to stay awake during a late night of driving—that eliminates the responsibility factor.

Despite Florida state law now outlining a zero-tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol in services like Uber and Lyft, it doesn’t always mean they’ll catch each one. If you’ve experienced an accident with a potentially under-the-influence Lyft driver, you need fast legal help.

Finding Legal Representation Immediately

After suffering injuries in a Lyft accident, you need a legal team with years of experience in these types of accident scenarios. At Uber Car Accident Law, we have experience handling cases like these. Call us at (305) 964-8806 to speak with an attorney.

Our Results With Lyft Accidents

We’re well-known in South Florida for taking on Lyft accidents, and strive to achieve excellent results for our clients. Our founder, Alan Neufeld, was one of the first attorneys in America to take on Lyft personal injury cases. His experience alone totals 40 years, making him a highly knowledgeable attorney in this area of the law.

Our other partners David Kleinberg, Robert Pinkiert, and Jason Neufeld all boast consistent results in winning Lyft settlements. Take a look at our Yelp comments from past clients, and see for yourself. Our reputation is based on our commitment to close communications with all our clients. While it’s obviously not possible to guarantee the same results for each case we take on, we can attest to our firm’s passion, dedication, and commitment to providing the best representation for our clients.

The Seriousness of Drugged Driving

As the National Institute on Drug Abuse says, even a small amount of drugs (like marijuana) will impair driving ability exponentially. Their statistics show 11.8 million people drove under the influence of illicit drugs last year.

According to the CDC, 8,476 Floridians were killed in crashes involving a drunk driver between the years 2003-2012. The majority of those involved in these accidents were aged 21-34.

We’ve seen far too many cases like this, though it’s far from the only type of drugged driver scenario.

You might not know if your Lyft driver is initially on drugs until after the accident occurs. Typical injuries you may incur include head trauma, broken bones, lacerations, or bruises from being thrown around in the car. This list doesn’t include the mental anguish you may experience trying to recover from injuries, perhaps for years to come.

Who is at Fault in Your Lyft Accident?

The driver may be the only one to blame for your accident. That is not to say others do not have culpability. Lyft themselves may have to take some responsibility, even if they often try to skirt the law by making their drivers work independently.

Perhaps there was a person involved who gave your Lyft driver the drugs or alcohol they consumed before the accident occurred. Outside forces could also play a factor in why the driver crashed the car. For instance, a pedestrian might have stepped into an intersection, making it impossible for the impaired driver to stop in time.

Other times it’s the car itself not having proper maintenance. Brake failure would make the accident all the more catastrophic if the driver is impaired on a particular drug.

Potential Damages Recovered

To win any case, evidence is essential. That’s why you should seek legal representation immediately following a Lyft accident. We have gathered evidence within hours of a crash, often at the site where the accident occurred. With this evidence, we’ve proven driver negligence and fault.

What kind of damages can your lawyer recover? Along with compensation to pay for your medical bills, the right lawyer can fight to win you lost wages, allotments for continued rehabilitation or recovery, and compensation for pain and suffering.

Don’t let thousands of dollars worth of medical debt make your post-accident life any harder than it needs to be. Contact a lawyer so that your needs are taken care of, and your focus can remain on recovery.

Guilty Parties Not Paying Their Fair Share

Never try to navigate communication with insurance companies on your own. For instance, workers’ comp companies often deny you money if the evidence for your accident is still debatable. Insurance companies may try to get you to sign a release so they can settle with you for less than what you really deserve.

Our legal team takes over for these communications so you don’t fall into this insurance trap. We know what these companies do, and know how to stop it in its tracks so you can pursue a settlement that’s fair. Companies like Lyft might try to blow off responsibility just because they let their drivers operate under their own accord; an attorney can give you an edge in dealing with these massive companies.

Will Hiring an Attorney Cost You a Fortune?

The answer to this is no. We offer free consultations, meaning it costs nothing to speak with an attorney. We work strictly on a contingency fee basis: this means you pay no attorney’s fees unless we win your case or negotiate a favorable settlement.

Some cases can often take months, or in worse cases, even years. An experienced Lyft accident legal team can do the heavy lifting, and give you peace of mind.

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Our number is (305) 964-8806, or use our contact page to reach us at any time. Do not let a drugged Lyft driver escape blame because you waited too long to recover evidence at the scene of the accid