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The build up in rideshare services like Uber and Lyft has a few good points for those who want a quick method to schedule a trip, whether it be to the office, a day out on the town, or for virtually any reason. In Miami and across the country, these services are remarkably popular and are available through businesses such as Lyft and Uber. They offer the advantage of arranging a ride via a mobile phone app. It is more often than not quicker and simpler to schedule a trip with these services as opposed to a conventional taxi cab service.

There are multiple drivers on call, especially on the weekends and in the heavily trafficked Miami metro region, creating a surge in collisions involving Uber and Lyft vehicles. These transportation services do not have the same insurance coverage that a typical taxi service is required to have in place. This lack of insurance coverage may mean that you as a passenger might be taking considerable risks utilizing these services if injured in an auto accident.

Liability Insurance Coverages

Ride Share businesses like Uber and Lyft are vested with the rider’s well-being at all times and have a obligation to its riders. The automobile drivers from Lyft and Uber need to heed safety procedures and assure conditions are safe, meaning ongoing maintenance, ensuring the car is operating correctly and ensuring the driver’s abilities are up to the standards of the law. However, time and time again we have observed and dealt with Lyft and Uber vehicle operators causing negligent auto crashes. The victims of the irresponsible Uber or Lyft driver suffer the repercussions, and this should not be. That is why our law firm with expertise in Uber and Lyft will assist you, show you those options available to you, and hold the culpable party accountable for their careless actions. Our law firm’s mission is to represent you and vigorously defend your legal rights.

Amongst the primary points of controversy in the conflict remained insurance. The lawmakers and public wondered who should be responsible when:

-An Lyft or Uber vehicle injured another motorist, motorcyclist, passenger, pedestrian, or bicyclist.
-A individual who was injured in a Uber or Lyft rideshare vehicle as the result of the mistake of a vehicle driver who turned out to be either uninsured or underinsured.
-A Lyft or Uber vehicle operator was injured or maimed by an uninsured motorist.

These ride-sharing providers addressed the question by making sure that they had insurance policy coverage with one million dollars ($1,000,000) insurance policy limits. Uber and Lyft guaranteed that if one of their rideshare drivers injured another motorist, pedestrian or vehicle driver while they were providing a ride sharing service, then the Lyft or Uber operator was covered for 1 million dollars.

They also assured that if an individual suffered a loss as an Uber or Lyft user because of the negligence of an uninsured motorist, then Lyft and Uber would provide, $1,000,000 in uninsured or underinsured motorist insurance coverage. Essentially, a Lyft or Uber rider with personal injury attributable to an accident with anyone who was uninsured or underinsured will have $1,000,000 in insurance accessible to compensate for personal injuries and damages.

Utilizing a Qualified and Practiced Lyft and Uber Car Accident Lawyer is Essential to Winning Your Case

The legislation regarding Uber and Lyft vehicle operators and their insurance companies are still updating and developing. Still, that doesn’t preclude the reality that an injured passenger gives up their access to treatment and just compensation for their losses. To maintain your interests if injured during a ride-share, contacting a lawyer is critical. Do not let big insurance companies to exploit you. There are options, and you have legal rights when you are the unfortunate victim of a ride-share car accident.

Sunrise, Florida Accidental Injury Claims in Car Accidents Involving Lyft and Uber

A comparative negligence state, like Florida, guarantees that an unfortunate victim of an automobile accident will hold the accountable person accountable for the amount they were culpable for the vehicle accident. When it comes to Lyft and Uber car accidents, either the individual operator or the company might be judged at fault for the automobile accident, determined by the different circumstances.

As the victim of any type of auto accident, you are allowed to bring a claim for losses which encompasses the following:

Medical fees
Rehabilitation fees
Property damage
Lost wages
Future wages
Pain and suffering

A seasoned personal injury lawyer will help you to determine the total sum of damages you are entitled to collect.

What will happen if you are a rider in a ridesharing
vehicle involved in an accident?

If you sustain injury as a ridesharing rider, who must pay for your personal injuries, medical costs, and lost wages?

The upside is that ride-share drivers are compelled to hold their own personal driver’s insurance coverage. Lyft and Uber also supply you with up to $1,000,000 in insurance coverage for underinsured, or uninsured motorists.

The not so great news is that getting in touch with a ridesharing company like, Lyft or Uber to file a claim is usually difficult. It is harder yet to have them acknowledge any accountability and pay for damages.

Don’t allow a ridesharing company such as Uber or Lyft avoid your claim; a lawyer will be able to fight for you.

What occurs if the Lyft or Uber ride-share operator is at fault?

Your ridesharing vehicle driver is an freelance contractor, not an Lyft or Uber employee. For this reason, ride-share organizations try to prevent any financial obligation. Suing the app business may not produce a favorable result.

Injured riders must try to recoup from the vehicle owner individually. In the majority of collisions, the insurance plan of the person who is culpable covers the damages. But, in ridesharing lawsuits, factors are not as simple.

In what way can we help recover damages from Lyft or Uber?

You will need a knowledgeable lawyer that will represent you and advocate for your complete financial recuperation. If injured in a ride share car accident, detailed, precise preparation for trial is crucial to prevailing against Uber, Lyft, or even any other ride-share service. If you have suffered a significant injury or a friend or family member was killed as a result of this type of accident, you should get in touch with our firm to go over your claim.